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Assistant Swim Teacher Award Update

One of Swimming New Zealand's strategic goals is:

Teaching Standards: To develop and govern world class standards of education that support all swim teacher and coach pathways.

Swimming New Zealand is excited to announce that the Assistant Swim Teacher Award now meets all the requirements of the National Certificate in Recreation and Sports-Aquatics (Swim Education).

Swimming New Zealand (SNZ) with the assistance of our principal sponsor State Insurance, has worked in partnership to with Skills Active to redevelop this course to align this with the National Certificate.

As of 1 November the course known as ASTA has changed to the Swimming New Zealand Swim Teacher Award. Upon completion of all the course requirements the participants will be awarded the Swimming New Zealand Swim Teacher Award along with the National Certificate in Recreation and Sports-Aquatics (Swim Education).

This is a full level three qualification which carries 43 credits. The course has been updated to include all the requirements of the full qualification and new resources will be completed shortly to support it.

The new Swimming New Zealand Swim Teacher Award covers the following unit standards:

Unit Name Level   Credit  
1312   Give oral instructions in the workplace (v5)   3   3  
7016   Monitor and promote client security, comfort, enjoyment, and learning in recreation (v5)   3   3  
7018   Maintain security and deal with emergencies in recreation facilities (v5)   3   3  
9681   Contribute within a team or group which has an objective (v5)   3   3  
13377 Identify and manage hazards and risks in relation to a recreation activity and environment (v6) 3   4  
27302 Demonstrate professional behaviour in a recreation workplace (v1)   3   3  
27541 Supervise customers and maintain safety at an aquatic facility (v1)   3   4  
22299 Create a swim teaching environment that is supportive of learning (v3)   3   4  
22300 Develop and maintain water confidence in non-swimmers (v3)   3   6  
22301 Develop beginner swimmers' propulsion techniques using the components of swimming strokes (v3)   3   6  
27498   Develop water safety and survival (v1)   3   4  

The course will remain a one day course and has been extended to nine hours to include the extra theory and practical requirements.

Participants are still required to complete lesson planning and evaluation along with a practical assessment. Current Swimming New Zealand Evidence Gatherers will be provided with training around the new resources and assessment criteria and requirements.

Participants who have completed the original ASTA course in the last two years are being offered the opportunity to upgrade to this qualification at no cost. Documents will be forwarded to all participants over the next few weeks, which need to be completed and returned to Swimming New Zealand.

If you or your staff do not receive your upgrade documents please contact your regional Swimming New Zealand Swim Safe Adviser and they will assist you.

If you are asked to complete an attestation form for a participant and need assistance with this please contact your regional Swimming New Zealand Swim Safe Adviser.

Swimming New Zealand is committed to providing world class education for swim teachers in New Zealand with the vision of becoming world class in every pool.

The Team at Swimming New Zealand is very excited to be able to offer this qualification to all swim teachers in New Zealand so contact us today!