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WestReap promotes Active Movement in Water for preschoolers

This week Swimming New Zealand and WestReap held Active Movement in Water workshops in Franz Josef, Hokitika and Greymouth. The workshops were enjoyed by over 60 parents and 70 preschoolers.

Active Movement is about engaging in quality physical movement experiences which develop and enhance the spiritual, emotional, social, cognitive and physiological growth of a child.

Active Movement in Water uses a holistic approach to develop children and their learning. It ensures foundation aquatic skills, attitudes, and behaviours are learned at the child’s pace.

Throughout the workshops the parents learnt new songs and activities they could do in the comfort of their own home. Tips were given on how to make bath time enjoyable for mum, dad, and baby.

Discussions were held about water hazards around the home. For example, toilets, buckets, and pet bowls pose possible risks, as well as baths if the bath plug is not pulled immediately after bath time.

At the pool the parents were taught about safe entries and exits, holds, and activities they can be doing with their child to develop confidence in the water.

With the help of the instructors from the local swim schools the parents and preschoolers were taken for a mini lesson to give them a better understanding of what is involved with Preschool Aquatics.

Lots of fun was had by all.