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The start of something extraordinary

A Humble Man making a big difference to Swimmers with Disabilities

Brent has recently qualified as a Swimming New Zealand, Teaching Swimmers with Disabilities teacher. An opportunity arose for a coaching position with the Special Olympics squad and Brent jumped at it.

Brent has found the greatest challenges for himself and his students is gaining their trust, building their confidence in the water and therefore overcoming their anxiety around learning to swim.

Brent states his most memorable moment whilst teaching learn to swim was when a student named Cameron, floated on his back for the first time on his own.

Brent had let him go but Cameron did not realise, once he did Brent said Cameron’s smile could have lit up a dark room.

Brent accompanied a group of 10 athletes to the Upper South Island Regional games in Nelson from the 22nd – 24th February 2013.

Highlights from the games were meeting other coaches and being able to share ideas. But most of all the look on his athletes faces when they realise they have won a race, then the climb on to the podium to collect their medal, so special.

These athletes don’t have to win to feel special though. Just completing an event is reward enough, especially for their coach Brent.

Brent says he has had many jobs in his lifetime but none compare to teaching swimming, especially to students with different abilities.

Teaching swimming to Brent is more rewarding than any other job.

We take our hats off to you Brent, you are indeed a special swim teacher.

Pictured above is Brent receiving his certificate from Rosa Cooper, Programmes and Customer Service Coordinator, Dudley Park Aquatic Centre.