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Naenae Swimming Club become ASTA qualified

Naenae Swimming Club in Wellington recently supported their club volunteers to become better swimming teachers by registering them all on the Swimming New Zealand Assistant Swim Teacher Award (ASTA).

22 of the club volunteers attended the ASTA course over 2 days, and had the opportunity to share their ideas, views and areas for development with their peers and their Swimming New Zealand ASTA tutor Andrew Crawford.    

During their course they participated in group activities, brainstorming, role playing and a pool session where they got to experience all they had learnt in the theory session.

It was a fantastic way for them to try new things, practise their skills and have a go at trying new communication techniques and using equipment in other ways.    

After attending the ASTA course, all of the participants completed the course requirements through submitting their lesson plans and being assessed by a Swimming New Zealand Evidence Gatherer.

They were all awarded their ASTA certificates at the club prize giving night, and their efforts were greatly appreciated by the club swimmers and their parents who were more than happy to show their support with smiles, claps and cheers.    

“The participants were really enthusiastic and shared lots of great ideas about their swimming lessons – it was great to see them challenging both themselves and me during the course – they were a real pleasure to work with” said tutor Andrew Crawford.    

Swimming New Zealand would like to congratulate Naenae Swimming Club for identifying the need for further training for their teachers, and following through with the qualification requirements.

We wish Naenae Swimming Club the very best for a busy 2013 and we look forward to continuing to work with you.