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Spotlight on Quality Swim Schools – Dash Swim School, Wellington

The programme runs out of two pools – Cannons Creek Pool, and The Arena in Porirua City. Their programme caters for the wider Porirua community, and has many participants from the wider Wellington area also.  

With almost 1000 participants each week and 15 staff delivering the programme, the team at Dash Swim School are always busy and are always working hard to continue to provide the fantastic service they offer their customers and their community.    

Dash swim school are very busy with their schools programme, and provide an excellent, and very high quality programme to their schools. The staff at Dash are very consistent with both their attendance and their delivery of their programme, and this is seen through the significant progress of their swimmers. School feedback is consistently received by Dash, and has included comments such as “We can not believe how much our kids have improved in two weeks – they are like completely different children” and “These instructors are amazing, they know exactly what to look for and encourage the kids to try their best all the time”.    

Dash use their website to communicate with their community and have their information accessible to all of their customers. Their website is well used, and is an easy way for them to ensure their messages about water safety, and job opportunities get out to the right people. You can visit their website by clicking here.    

Swim School Manager Bret Burrows has no doubt as to why his swim school is so successful, and advocates that “it is the fantastic staff that we have working for us that makes our swim school such a great place to be”. Whilst Bret is new to his role, he has many great ideas about how he can continue to improve his swim school. “I believe we are heading down the right path to delivering something really special, and that we have the ability to grow in our facility that is dedicated only to learn to swim” he said.    

So, who are these staff members that make Dash Swim School so special? Janine Laumua, Joe Iosefo, Laura Cooper, Liza Ulumoto, Tanya Gleeson and David Sherborne. We look forward to continuing to work with Dash Swim School in the future, and wish them the very best for the rest of Term 3 and a busy and rewarding Term 4.