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Jill Vernon

1957 - 2011

Jill Vernon, Swimming New Zealand and Swimming Auckland Service Award holder.

Jill joined the swimming community in 1990 devoting 20 years of valued service to the local, regional and national swimming. In 1996 Jill began her work as a swimming official, qualifying as Timekeeper in 1996, Inspector of Turns (IOT) in 1997, Starter in 2006 and further as a Referee in 2006. She was inducted as a National Inspector of Turns (2006), Starter and finally as a National Referee in 2010. She was the Chair of the Auckland Technical Committee 2008 - 2010 and in that role became well known for her kind and gentle mentoring of new officials. "Remember, we are here for the swimmers" was her frequent refrain to trainee and newly qualified officials.