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Artie Shaw

1924 - 2005

Artie Shaw, Life Member of Swimming New Zealand, ex President of Swimming New Zealand and ex Vice president of FINA.

Artie was elected Vice President of the New Zealand Amateur Swimming Association in 1977 and President in 1979. His time as President saw the introduction of major restructuring within NZASA including the move of the Headquarters to Wellington, the removal of residency criteria for Council membership, and the introduction of the President as Chair of Council amongst the changes.

In 1984 Artie was elected Vice president of FINA, and in this role was given responsibility on behalf of the Bureau to investigate and initiate the incorporation of Masters swimming with the FINA family. On behalf of FINA, he oversaw the adaptation of Masters rules into the constitution of FINA, creating the fifth discipline within the world body at the 1986 Congress in Madrid. Although Artie has risen to the highest levels of World Swimming, he did not distance himself from the poolside activities which are the base of our sport, remaining available for club night activities, judging, referee in and teaching young officials and parents on what is required of them.