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Swimming New Zealand Swim Teacher Award (SNZ STA)


The Swimming New Zealand Swim Teacher Award (SNZ STA) is a great opportunity for swim teachers to develop skills and understanding in aquatic education.

The one day course includes theory and practical sessions.  

Please note: The cost to report credits for this award may vary if trainees are still at secondary school.

All secondary school students must contact the Swimming New Zealand Education Advisor in their region to confirm the cost and process to complete this award prior to enrolling.

Course content includes

  • SNZ STA is a nationally recognised training programme developed to train people for teaching swimming and personal survival
  • On completion of the SNZ STA course requirements, participants also receive the National Certificate in Recreation and Sport – Aquatics (Swim Education) (43 Level 3 credits)
  • SNZ STA covers how people learn, teaching and learning styles and effective communication
  • SNZ STA outlines health and safety requirements in and around the aquatic environment
  • SNZ STA explains the progressions of learn to swim
  • SNZ STA provides the tools to assist in the planning and delivering an effective swimming lesson


Requirements for Certification

  • Attend a 1 day course participating in theory and practical learn sessions in the class room and pool
  • complete a written work book
  • gain 20 hours of experience swim teaching
  • write up 10 lessons plans and evaluate these 
  • be assessed by a Swimming New Zealand Accredited Evidence Gatherer


To download the SNZ STA documents click here

Course cost:

$230.00 (inc GST)

Please note:

You must be minimum 16 years of age to complete the Swimming New Zealand Swim Teacher Award

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For further information, please contact the education team here