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Anti Match Fixing and Sports Betting Policy

The Minister for Sport and Recreation announced in May 2014 various measures to safeguard New Zealand sport from corruption including:

•    Introducing a Bill into Parliament to ensure that match-fixing is criminalised in the Crimes Act 1961.
•    releasing the New Zealand Policy on Sports Match-Fixing and Related Corruption.

Swimming New Zealand is committed to maintaining the fundamental character of sporting competition as an honest test of skill and ability and to prevent Match-Fixing from undermining the integrity of swimming.

Sport New Zealand now requires all National Sporting Organisations to have an Anti-Match-Fixing Policy in place. Swimming New Zealand has adopted the template policy provided by Sport New Zealand, available here.

In this Policy, Match-Fixing involves improperly taking any action to influence the overall result, or any part of, a sports Match, game, race or Event for financial or other benefit; rather than solely for genuine medical or Sporting Tactical Reasons.  It is usually associated with corrupt gambling practices such as placing Bets on arranged outcomes for financial return.  However, Match-Fixing can also involve a range of associated activities.  Match-Fixing activities prohibited under this Policy are set out in Rule 3 (Prohibited Conduct).  

This Policy establishes anti-Match-Fixing rules to apply across swimming in relation to any Match or Event Under the Jurisdiction of, or Connected to, Swimming New Zealand whether inside or outside of New Zealand.

All athletes and those involved in Swimming are encouraged to read the Swimming New Zealand Anti-Match-Fixing Policy. Set out below though are some frequently asked questions that quickly cover some important factors related to the policy.

What is Match-Fixing?

Match-Fixing is when someone improperly influences the overall result, or any part of a sporting match, game, race or event, for some form of benefit. There have been a number of instances of Match-Fixing or Spot-Fixing publicised via the media in recent times.

Match-Fixing can also be using information that you have and that most other people would not reasonably have access to, to your advantage. This is referred to as “inside knowledge”.

Who does this policy apply to?

‘Relevant Persons’ only are covered under this policy. Swimming New Zealand Relevant Persons include but are not limited to;

  •          Carded athletes
  •          Board of Swimming New Zealand
  •          Staff and contractors of Swimming New Zealand
  •          Swimming New Zealand Selectors

What education is available on Match-Fixing?

Sport New Zealand has developed an online education programme that can be accessed via this link: http://www.sportnz.org.nz/fightmatchfixing

The education must be undertaken by all Relevant Persons. Swimming New Zealand encourages anyone who competes in Swimming, to access and undertake the online education though as it is informative.

Can I place a bet on Swimming events?

Relevant Persons cannot bet, gamble or enter into any form of financial speculation on any event or competition under the jurisdiction of Swimming New Zealand.

Anyone competing in, or involved in Swimming should make themselves aware of the policy around betting for the event or competition they are participating in, as it is quite usual that betting is not allowed in Swimming.

What do I do if I come across someone doing something that could be Match-Fixing?

You should contact the Swimming New Zealand Integrity Officer in the first instance. The Integrity Officer will talk to you about the information you have and what process should then be followed. Swimming New Zealand has adopted the template Swimming NZ Protected Disclosures Act 2000 Policy provided by Sport New Zealand, or commonly known as "Whistle Blower Policy" which gives you a certain level of anonymity should that be required.

What’s a quick overview of the process to determine if there is a breach of the Policy?

Key Processes in Swimming New Zealand Anti-Match-Fixing Policy are outlined here.

Anti Match Fixing and Sports Betting Policy
Key Processes in Model Anti-Match-Fixing Policy

Swimming NZ Protected Discolusres Act 2000 Policy - June 2016 (aka Whistle Blower Policy)