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PR 29 - Fina answer to IOC President's call for transparency

Lausanne (SUI), April 17, 2015 - In answer to the IOC President Thomas Bach and Agenda 2020’s call for transparency, FINA, one of the most important stakeholders of the Olympic Programme states that the President, the Honorary Secretary, the Honorary Treasurer and the Bureau Members do not receive any kind of indemnity. They are considered volunteers and do not receive a salary. Until 31st December 2014 they received 300.- USD per diem for the days of travel for FINA business and from 1st January 2015, 400.- USD per diem. The travel expenses are covered in business class.

The FINA Office employs 32 persons, including 11 part-time positions (Organisational chart available on the FINA website).

Furthermore, considering good governance, transparency, accountability, responsibility and fairness, the FINA Executive and Vice Presidents, at the meeting held in Lausanne, propose to the FINA Bureau to nominate a Chief Internal Audit Officer as a first step.

FINA’s Financial Report will continue to be audited in accordance with the Swiss Audit Standards and the FINA Constitution. The audit is being conducted by an external auditor: PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) meeting the legal requirements on licensing according to the Auditor Oversight Act (AOA) and independency.

In accordance with the FINA Constitution, the yearly Financial Report is presented to the FINA Bureau for approval and the four (4) year financial statement shall be submitted to the FINA General Congress for approval.