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Lots of our younger swimmers struggle to put fins on. Try folding the back of the fin over and then the swimmer can push their toes right in. It’s then just a matter of flipping the back up into place.

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Noodle Train

Noodle train! A great way to explore the pool as a group, good for water confidence too and so much fun. For an extra you can tow the kids around the pool.

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Pool Scrabble

Write letters on materials that sink or float and get swimmers to find the pieces to create words and put them on the edge on the pool once they have created a word.

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Rainbow Tunnel

Looking for a new idea for a floating mat? What about a rainbow/noodle tunnel? From crawling, to sliding and playing peek-a-boo, your swimmers will love it.

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Roll the Dice

Roll the dice, now find the right animal. How you get there is up to you, blow bubbles, walking, kicking, freestyle or backstroke.

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Open Water Swimming

If you want to wear goggles in an open water race put your goggles on before you put your cap on, they will stay put and not fall off. The start of a race is very crowded and hectic and it is easy for someone to knock your goggles off.

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Magnetic Letters

Use magnetic letters as sinking toys, if they don't sink as fast as you like - stick some blutack on them. You can use colours, have team relays, spell words – there are so many options whilst learning activities such as submersion and breathe control. They are also a great bit of equipment to use on a forehead in back work.

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