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Australian Meet Entry

For New Zealand Swimmers wanting to compete at Australian National and State Championships their entries must come through Swimming New Zealand. For any specific information please email info@swimming.org.nz or call the Swimming New Zealand Head Office (09) 478 2916

This Link may be of use to any team managers taking teams over to Australia for State or National events.


Process for entering Australian swimming events.

New Zealand swimmers wanting to compete in National and State level events in Australia are now required to submit their entries through Swimming New Zealand. There is a simple procedure that will need to be followed by clubs to complete their entries. Please follow the below steps:


  • Entries for meets in Australia will close with Swimming New Zealand two weeks prior to entries closing with the Australian body. Entries will be done through the Swimming New Zealand Database. Information on how to enter a meet through the database can be found here.


  • Payment for entries will be taken through the database when an individual enters themselves. The fee they pay will already be converted to NZ Dollars using the current exchange rate at the time of opening entries through our database. If a club has done entries on behalf of their swimmers then an invoice will be sent to the club after entries have closed for the total amount due.


  • It is the responsibility of the club & the Swimmer to ensure that they have submitted a Travel Authorisation document to their region to complete and forward onto Swimming New Zealand. This can be found here on the Swimming New Zealand Website.


  • Swimming New Zealand will take responsibility for sourcing the results from these meets and uploading them to the Swimming New Zealand Results Database. The TM Results file will also be posted here on the Swimming New Zealand Website.


  • If there is an accreditation or anything else required for a meet, it is the responsibility of the club or region to obtain this. Swimming New Zealand role in this process is to compile entries from throughout New Zealand to forward onto Swimming Australia or the State responsible for the event.